Fix Fast Ė Your Maintenance Expert

With a team of experienced and qualified engineers and technicians, Fix Fast offers a wide range of technical solution services tailor made to fulfill all requirements.


What Services we can offer ?


Electrical: Checking and replacing fused lamps, lights and other electrical components. Install new electrical extensions; prepare load schedules and miscellaneous works.

AC configuration: Maintenance of chiller units & pumps, FAHUís & FCUís filter cleaning, monitoring and reporting building cooling system. Ability to handle all types of ACís, including central, split and window units.

Plumbing Trouble: Installing, repairing and maintaining pipes, fixtures and other plumbing used for water distribution and waste water disposal in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Carpentry: Saw, shape, and fasten wood to build houses and other buildings. Experts in build cabinets, doors, and other objects made of wood. We work on construction sites, inside buildings, in factories, and in small woodworking shops. Our Experienced carpenters use both power and hand tools, such as hammers, saws, drills, and chisels.

Masonry: Specialized in Layering building materials such as bricks, concrete, tiles and other construction materials. Fabricates, alters, repairs, and maintains walls, sidewalks, street curbs, floors, bathroom showers, sink counters, partitions, manholes, and other.

Painting: Paint, stain and varnish using brushes and rollers. Clean sands, sandblasts, scrapes, brushes and burns surfaces in preparation for painting. Repair surfaces to be painted including plastering and sheetrock finishing.