Our Vision

To reach the top by excelling in the service industry in line with international standards.

Our Mission

Optimum utilization of all traditional and technical resources to add value to the services provided to Tanmyah customers and assure customer satisfaction with sustaining profitability in accordance with our aims.
Work and root on strategic and alternative plan with innovation and varied best options to our customers.
Work with full awareness on market competition

Our Values

The basic ingredient of our business is Human Resources. We value our staffs and take every effort to provide them with good standard of living and happy working atmosphere during their tenure with us. This we achieve with clear HR policies we practice, based on..

Strong Relationships with Employees and Customers
For specialized services in Security, Al Tanmyah established a company named Al Tanmyah Security LLC.

For specialized services in Security, Al Tanmyah established New company / Facility Management

  Quality Program

Our market is characterized by fierce competition. To maintain a competitive edge and sustain economic growth, companies must delight customers with the highest quality services that exceed their expectation.

Quality Service is the key to success in the area environmental protection. Because Al Tanmyah Services has diversified activities it is ever mindful of the importance carried by the quality of its services.